Glasgow Caledonian University (1992-98)
At Glasgow Caledonian U (1992-98) in the 1990s I taught basic Contract & Delict (Tort).  Later I was asked to design an embedded skills curriculum for the entire BA (later transposed into the LLB) degree; and I taught on this too: basic legal literacy & IT skills, composition and legal argumentation, and clinical legal skills.  I designed and taught on part of the Law Dept’s Jurisprudence module.  I was also module leader for the Honours dissertation, designing and teaching support classes and a mode of assessment that included viva voce examination and reflective learning logs.

Glasgow Graduate School of Law (GGSL-1999-2010)
I taught skills but moved more into the design of multimedia, webcasts, online learning, simulation (f2f and online) and other ICT.  I worked on curriculum designs, for professional education, initially combining two separate Diploma in Legal Practice curricula into a new curriculum for the GGSL in the twenty-first century.  I also helped design staff development, across a range of heuristics, including the training of c.170 associate practitioner-tutors, and helped design the training for and trained ‘standardized clients’.  I designed a first year undergraduate module that fused legal literacy with online literacy and collaborative group work; and taught a Masters programme in Legal Research that focused on rhetoric and the induction of learners into a professional academic community of practice.  I tutored on the Foundation Course on the Diploma, and on an online transaction in the area of Personal Injury (with Charles Hennessy); and was responsible for a range of Induction Courses, for undergraduate LLB students, and postgraduates (eg Construction Law students).

Northumbria Law School (2010-2013)
At Northumbria I re-designed and taught a f2f module in M-level Legal Research, and have been involved in advising on multimedia and webcast projects in the Law School, as well as a project on mobile learning (on the iPad platform) in professional learning modules (iPads in Legal Learning — iLEGALL).  This project is funded by BILETA and HEA, and joint with Glamorgan U Law School and the Law Society of Ireland.

The Australian National University (March 2013-present)
Currently organising the development of an online publishing house in which students, as part of a module on advanced legal scholarship, will form the Editorial Board alongside academics, and work with them on the development of a range of texts.  This initiative will sit in the PEARL centre (Profession, Education and Regulation in Law).  I’m responsible for the staff development in legal research of members of the Legal Workshop in the ANU College of Law.  Staff will be part of the new PEARL centre.  I also work with students in the Law Reform and Social Justice programme, and take part in the Law and Humanities subject, with Joshua Neo.  I play a part in the CHELT implementation of the HEA professional framework — the first Australian university to link with HEA in this project.

Nottingham Law School (April 2013-present)
Attached to the Centre for Legal Education in Nottingham Trent University Law School. Responsible for the staff development of staff in research methods and output.

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