I’m generally involved in two different types of projects – writing projects, and research & design projects.  The two often converge of course, but current projects are outlined separately in more detail below.

Writing projects

Book Series

Digital Games and Learning Book Series

Emerging Legal Education Book Series

I am co-editor of these book series and work with my co-editors to choose and oversee the publication of monographs in each.

Articles & Book Chapters

  1. Invited to write the Forward to an edited collection on professionalism in legal education.  Deadline, August 2013.
  2. Book chapter: Metareview of simulation in legal education, co-written with Emma Nicol, University of Strathclyde.  Deadline, mid-August, 2013.
  3. Book chapter: ‘Sensus communis: Beatific moral theory and future legal learning’.
  4. Legal Education & Training Review (LETR) publications: at least one major journal article and several other publications, still to be determined by the research group, arising from our work on this two-year review project.  To be published after six month embargo on publication, post-publication date.


  1. Four books currently in preparation:
    1. Ker, J., Maharg, P (eds) (2015/16).  Standardized Patients/Clients and the Assessment of Experiential Learning.  International collection of essays from law schools and medical schools using this form of experiential learning assessment.  Chapter contribution by PM, as well as co-written Introduction / Preface.
    2. McGhee, M., Maharg, P. (eds) (2015/16).  Professionalism and Higher Education.  Possible e-book publication by ANU.  Chapter contribution by PM.
    3. Johnstone, R., Maharg, P., Mertz, E. (eds) (2016). A Research Companion to Legal Education.  Ashgate Publishing.  Major and global state-of-the-art publication on legal education.  The editors will be responsible for organizing a team of around 15-20 authors, each writing a chapter on their specialist subject(s).  At least one chapter by PM.
    4. Maharg, P. A Genealogy of Legal Education.  Monograph on the history and culture of law school education alternative and progressive educational initiatives to current law school models in Common Law jurisdictions.


Research & Design projects

Director, PEARL Centre (Profession, Education And Regulation in Law), ANU College of Law
Responsible for general strategy, international links and research publication.

Staff development, ANU College of Law, Legal Workshop & Notts Law School
I am responsible for staff development in legal education research & publication.



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