CLE Conference, session 2

by Paul Maharg on 16/06/2017

The first parallel session and I’m blogging Janice Denoncourt from NLS on ‘Interdisciplinary legal education: embedding IP law in Business programmes’.  Janice has already been published on the subject but she adapts her interdisciplinary approaches very neatly for legal education.

Janice is talking about IP law and legal education, and argues that law schools need a dramatic rethink to expand IP legal education to reach non-law disciplines.  She argues for a transformation of IP education, and deeper engagement with Business Schools.  She quotes Uber owning no taxis, Alibaba, a retailer with no inventory, etc – the usual digital conundrum.  This is on the basis of the report entitled University IP Policy – Perception and Practice Report’ in 2016.  Janice showed us some of the resources she used, eg free UKIPO resources (UKIPO Toolkit), free NLS resources.  Eg she took J.K. Rowling as an example of the power of IP in developing wealth and reach.  She’s developing a db of films with key IP themed scenes – not just Social Network.  Another example is the tribute band issue, and the infringement of IP rights.  Good overview of Janice’s work in this field.

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