Post-LETR, what’s the regulatory position on legal education in E+W?

by Paul Maharg on 29/07/2015

In her recent visit to Australian law schools Jane Ching of Nottingham Law School, a co-author of LETR, spent a week as a Visitor at ANU College of Law, and with PEARL staff in particular.  We discussed how Nottingham Law School’s Centre for Legal Education could work closely with PEARL and with other legal educational centres; and we gave a joint seminar to a small but extremely well-informed (read, tough questions) audience on ‘Legal Professions and Professional Legal Education in England and Wales’, where we:

  • discussed the shape of the legal services sector in E+W, including the roles of alternative business structures (ABSs)
  • considered the emerging educational frameworks for the legal professions post-LETR (Legal Education & Training Review) report in June 2013
  • compared the regulatory positions in E+W with aspects of professional legal regulation in Australia.

Our slideset is posted on Slideshare, and available at the Slides tab above.

What is PEARL, I hear you ask.  All will be revealed tomorrow…

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