New media and digital research literacies for legal educators

by Paul Maharg on 29/01/2015

Second presentation to LERN on this subject, this time a seminar of three hours rather than 20 or so minutes.  Also gave a version to staff at Nottingham Trent U Law School.  The subject seems to be attracting interest, at last.  We so need to develop this as a discipline, and we also need to develop current resources for the subject, too.

Slides in the usual place.  Headings we worked through during the seminar:

  1. Digital research literacies – definitions & analysis
  2. (Scholarly) peer networks: SSRN, Academia, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, CarbonMade
  3. Publishing platforms: blogs, Slideshare, Twitter, Buzzfeed
  4. Bibliometrics > altmetrics
  5. Some research findings on biblio > altmetrics
  6. Some personal conclusions

I think we all enjoyed ourselves – I was fascinated to hear what staff were doing with digital media and their research, and what they were doing to encourage their students to use digital media, too.  More on this in a future post.  Tomorrow (or rather today) it’s the 50 Years of Assessment in Legal Education Conference at IALS, where I’m presenting with Julian Webb – ‘Of tails and dogs: Standards, standardisation and innovation in assessment’, followed by the Lord Upjohn Lecture later in the day at City U.  But sleep first.

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