Session 7: legal education

by Paul Maharg on 01/10/2013

Last presentation in the session — missed the earlier two, doing other things.  Penny Carruthers, on ‘Property law teachers: gatekeepers to a broader legal understanding through the rich tapestry of property law’.  Gave a resume of the Mildenhall case (2010) in Torrens, at macro- & micro-level.  She gave an overview of the skills that she was focusing on in her subject, eg statutory interpretation.  She contrasted old complex and more recent ‘user-friendly’ statutes.  I’m not quite sure what was meant by ‘user-friendly’ — depends who’s reading or using the statute, I guess; and level of reading skills and interpretive skills.  She mentioned human rights analysis as another area.  But when discussing these, there was little educational analysis: not sure I understood where the broader legal understanding arises. Perhaps it’s my low levels of understanding of Australian property law…

My keynote next.  Slides are up on the Slides page of this site.

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