LawTechCamp, London

by Paul Maharg on 29/06/2012

Liveblogging the above unconference, just finished my first Pecha Kucha at LawTechCamp — 20 slides, automatic 6sec per slide, new discipline for me, used to taking 5,000 words to draw breath, pretty brutal.  But you got to try it — the cool pecha-dudes did it without looking at their slides, and timed themselves perfectly.  Clearly I’ve got some way to go…  Slides up here, and with a disclaimer that I’m speaking in a personal capacity, not as a representative of LETR.

Susskind currently up.  Very interesting on the need for new views of lawyerly activities — project management, classic instance.    Legal Services Act — will change more in the further future than in the near future.  Re technology, he overviewed the last decade — stage 1, denial, stage two, re-sourcing, stage 3, disruption, financials of business outsourcing etc.  ‘All roads lead to techology’ — IT will be transformation, particularly at stage 3, consisting of intelligent discovery, automated doc production, e-legal marketplace.

And so it goes: there is no finishing line on IT — but for lawyers, there is ‘irrational rejectionism’, eg waiting for Twitter to take off.  Other example: Yammer. Big data trending software, eg Google on flu trends.  What’s the example in Law?  What are we doing with our data?  He gave us the 13 disruptive technologies that will transform the landscape + new jobs: legal knowledge engineer, technologist, hybrid, process analyst, project manager, ODR practitioner, legal management consultant, risk manager.  See my post on his BILETA keynote  for more detail on this (he had more time then to elaborate then).

Is there a place in the busy law curriculum for the future?  Key question for law schools.  Great presentation, and major issues for LETR in what he says.  I had to go soon after, but good conference, lots of interesting synergies between profession, academy, policy, etc.

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