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by Paul Maharg on 13/05/2012

A week of meetings put together by the super-organized Wilson Chow — seminars, individual meetings with staff about technology and law teaching.  Sims like those in SIMPLE don’t just drop into conventional teaching habits.  They change those habits, and student habits too.  In that sense they’re disruptive of the habitat of learning and teaching, the settled compact between students, institution and faculty.  It’s only when we consider the detail of implementation that the full scale of change becomes apparent.  The week at HKU was about exploring aspects of those changes, how they might come about, what the new roles might be, the resources required, the changed working patterns, together with the changed relations that the new methods of teaching bring about between staff, eg between technologists and academic staff.

One of the final sessions was on Standardized Clients and it was clear from responses that it generated a lot of interest among faculty.  Slides here: ‘The Standardized Client Initiative: A portrait of the outsider as teacher’.  Let’s see if HKU join the SCI community…  Meanwhile, my thanks to Wilson for looking after me so well throughout the week in HK, and to staff for giving up time to attend sessions.  Am writing this in Sydney airport waiting for the flight to Canberra, where I’ll be spending the next week with the ANU Legal Workshop team, as part of my duties as Adjunct Professor there.  Will update as we progress.

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