Hong Kong U Faculty of Law: virtual & f2f sims

by Paul Maharg on 08/05/2012

I’m in Hong Kong U Faculty of Law, on an exchange scheme with Wilson Chow of the Law Faculty, funded by HKU Teaching Exchange Fellowship Scheme.  Wilson has already visited the UK, and conducted a survey of students using SIMPLE at Strathclyde, Northumbria and Glamorgan.  He presented his results at the BILETA conference, and  will be publishing them in the next year or so.  Meanwhile I’m working with staff in HKU Law Faculty to develop SIMPLE scenarios and introducing the idea of Standardized Clients.  Strangely enough, Wilson tells me, SCs are not used in medical education in HK, so there may be scope for the law school to introduce the method to the medics here — a reversal of the usual direction, where legal education has drawn much from medical educational methods.

Yesterday I gave an introduction to SIMPLE and simulations — slides over on Slideshare and here (thanks to Karen Counsell & Helyn Gould for the slides for case studies 2 & 3).  This morning, we began drafting scenarios and narratives, fleshing out roles and resources.  Some great narratives are building up, which I’ll be working on in the coming days with individual staff members.  This morning, met with admin and technical staff to discuss how sims would be supported by both.  I’ll have another meeting with technical staff later in the week, but it was very interesting to meet admin staff and hear how they dealt with existing administration, and working out how the interfaces and data exchanges between academic, technical and administrative staff could be worked out.  Hadn’t done that sort of detailed planning for quite a while, and it was good to work with a small team around a table — felt agile, focused, like the early days of the GGSL.

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