NCBE Conference: In the Trenches: Character and Fitness Issues

by Paul Maharg on 22/04/2012

Barbara D’Aquila, practitioner and member of the Minnesota Board of Law Examiners. In Minnesota Rule 5 spelled out eligibility requirements — honesty, good judgment, lawful, respectful conduct, etc.  Went at a fair pace so cdn’t really take notes.  Session was interactive: six scenarios, participants debated what they’d do, then Barbara & Emily Eschweiler (assistant director & counsel for the Minnesota Board of Law Examiners) gave their views from their own experience.  Eg stories of minor or major lies?  evidence of remorse?  Is the evidence of rehabilitation sufficient?  Three useful questions: What was in your mind when X was done?  Why should the Board be concerned about this?  How do we know you are remorseful about this?  Good way of handling the issues and the session.

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