Future Ed: New Business Models for U.S. and Global Legal Education, panel sessions 1 & 2

by Paul Maharg on 15/10/2010

In the first panel session of the conference (Global Perspectives on Legal Education), interesting though rather general presentations.  Daniel Foote gave a comprehensive, detailed portrait of reform failure in Japan, where in spite of efforts to the contrary, the Bar Exam is being treated as a strait gateway by entrenched interests in the legal profession to restrict entry to the legal profession.  There are of course other institutions involved, eg Minstry of Education, Justice, the Supremem Court, prep schools etc.  There was no evidence that increased numbers actually decreased quality.   Above all, changing the mindset of academics was critical, and still is.  Good presentation. 

Interesting questions re ABA accreditation of foreign law schools, ably caught by Raj Kumar in his response. a

Second panel was on Cross-Professional Comparison.  Good presentation by Jules Dienstag, on medical education and the possible synergies with legal education.  Outstanding contributions by Kuresh Khurana on a whole range of socio-business, sociolegal & accreditation issues.  More interesting panel to me at least because it was more practical: theory arising from practice issues.  


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