JISC Learning & Teaching Experts meeting, Birmingham

by Paul Maharg on 17/03/2010

Great meet-up, as always.  Dizzying number of fascinating projects.  The day's slides and resources available here.  Too fast & furious to live blog, too busy taking it all in and applying to my own practice.  Most were not cutting-edge applications, but they were imaginative, carefully-planned implementations of technology that can inspire you to adapt and use for your own practice.  See, for example, Tony Toole's use in Ratatat project of Google Sites as an envelope for some very interesting work on live lab work and live data analysis — the principles cd be used in art & design, architectural studios, even in something like advocacy in law.   It was great to see the emphasis on curriculum design and re-engineering, too.

Helen Beetham was invited by Sarah Knight to say a few words about the 5-10 year future.  Briefly she outlined that there would be more need than ever for innovation — more need for it in the recession and scarcity of funding, but less possibility for it to be developed within individual institutions acting alone — hence JISC's role in promoting use of technology in learning and teaching practice was essential.  Also — the need for diversity will be more important not less, and to be supported re technology-enhanced learning.  Finally, the ambassadorial role of this group and others like it would be essential in taking new designs and implementations back to institutions to be adapted and deployed.

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