Paulo Lopes & final session

by Paul Maharg on 01/04/2009

Great session by Paulo Lopes on Managing Inerpersonal situations' — so interactive that I cdn't live-blog it, so utterly engaging it was.  Learned a lot re facilitation from this.

Presented SIMPLE, and felt once again, as after ANU, that a quick canter around the theory and practice is just not useful any more.  But perceptive conversations and useful points were made about how the software could be used.

Final wrap-up session facilitated by Norman Jackson included delegates saying how the conference had been helpful for them (or not).  At the start of the conference there was a call put out for stories, real life accounts, of what professionalism actually meant to conference delegates.  The stories were collated and presented by two delegates, looking for patterns in the stories.  For example under 'awareness and understanding', they identified issues of understanding, trust, etc. Not sure of the methodology, and it wasn't explained to us (and maybe the sample of 19 stories was too small to be able to be able to do anything meaningful).  Not terribly helpful analysis, but one of the few dips in an otherwise incredibly useful conference, from which I took away a lot of ideas.  

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