Transforming Legal Education

by Paul Maharg on 04/10/2007

My book, Transforming Legal Education, was published on Friday – website accompanying it is here.  Apart from advertising the book the site contains a wiki that will be the launchpad for another, much more ambitious and adventurous publication, called the Transforming Initiative.

The wiki will contain the text of another and quite different book that will be written via collaborative authorship and scholarship.  The book will have a basic structure of four sections: Experience, Ethics, Technology, Collaboration.  Anyone who wants to write on these topics will be able to register, and write – simple as that!.  The book will probably be a set of case-studies around the four above themes, but also including theory and evidenced from scholarly literature.  I say probably because we don’t know that yet – the people who will decide that are you!  And as you will determine the shape and content of the book, together with the editors of each section (more below), so the shape and content will determine process.  If we get enough authors contributing enough, we may host a conference on the book, for instance. 

The book is based upon the excellent Wikinomics web site, which used a wiki to provide a collaborative drafting environment for the next book based upon the first.  The second book is called the Wikinomics Playbook.  We don’t have a title for ours as yet – something else the collaborative authors will decide upon.  Our wiki will be edited by four editors, each of whom is responsible for a section — names will go up in the next day or so.  The process of wiki drafting and editing will be overseen by an Editorial Board, which is also in the process of being appointed. 

Please do visit the site, register, and start writing!  This is a truly collaborative experiment in legal education, and I hope that as many people as possible will work together to produce a publication that will be quite unique in the history of legal education…

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1 Jordi de Jager January 2, 2008 at 20:31

Thanks for this interesting book on Transforming Legal Education. It gives our team a lot of input for creating our new free online E-learning environment. We are exploring and using Wiki software. Feel free to visit our site (now in Dutch only, but soon in English available) to learn from us, and leave a comment.


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