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by Paul Maharg on 05/03/2007

Been a while since I last posted, but I’ve spent the last five months or so finishing up a book that really started when I was a law student, on legal education, so that’s been taking up all available brain space, and left none for blogging.  No more!  I’ve handed it in to the publisher, and feel…  well, I was going to say great, but actually I feel like I ought to be in rehab.  Five months of keeping the day job going, with the aid of my colleagues, esp. Karen Barton, and talking to the cat while thinking and typing. And now it’s gone, except for the occasional twinge of ‘God, I wish I’d said…’ or ‘I shd have put it that way…’

Still, found the time to attend the Learning in Law Annual Conference at the UK Centre for Legal Education at Warwick University.  Essential conference for anyone interested in legal education. Gave two presentations, both under Publications to the left.  The Standardized Client Initiative presentation went pretty well — Karen and I summarised about two years’ work in around 30 mins, and handed out offprints of the Initiative’s jointly authored paper which you can find on the SCI blog site.  Some interesting questions from the audience, largely to do with client training, etc. 

Second presentation was a whole session (90 mins) on the SIMPLE (simulations for professional learning) project.  The slideshow to the left was the work of the core team from Strathclyde — Helyn Gould, Brian Henderson, Scott Walker, Michael Hughes, Gavin Maxwell, myself, and also contained slides from Jenny Johnstone of Glasgow U. School of Law, speaking on behalf of Glasgow and Stirling university law schools.  Also speaking to their projects were Rob East (Glamorgan Law School), Sue Heenan (University of the West of England Law School), Nick Johnson (Warwick Law School).  Helyn spoke to the Architecture (Strathclyde U) project.  Lot of interest, and this together with the poster session has given us the nucleus for an email newsletter which we’ll be putting out later this year. 

Also spoke last week to the E-ped JISC forum on the SIMPLE project, letting them know what we were doing. 

Good grief, it’s good to be back.  Many more outpourings, mutterings, ravings, in the coming months…

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1 Eoin O'Dell March 15, 2007 at 11:54

Hi Paul,
Welcome back. Looking forward to your comments again, and to the book when it comes out.


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