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by Paul Maharg on 29/03/2006

The conference has been interesting — some profound insights; I’m learning a lot more than I thought I would.  The problem is how to cope with the sheer weight of the messages, while maintaining creative thoughts about them.  The reason I can’t do that of course is that I haven’t, as in a f2f conference, gone away from my desk or everyday life — I’m still trying to do conference + everything else.  That’s a plus for f2f — or just a comment on my inability to drag myself away from daily stuff.  Also, having access to all sessions means that unlike parallel sessions at conferences, you don’t need to choose, which actually means more reading and thinking to cover all the sessions.  So while you can zip through postings and dwell on the ones you like, you’re probably present in the conference ‘venue’ for as long as f2f, if you’re covering all the sessions.  But what a resource, to have it all there to go back to later. 

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