SLS paper: ICT and professional legal learning

by Paul Maharg on 09/09/2005

Paper is at the bottom of the list of Publications, to the left.  I welcome discussion of the issues raised at the session.  Reminder of the points on the last slide:

  • How can professional legal educational systems change to encourage innovation in education?
  • What part can students play in professional legal educational reform, with regard to emerging technologies?
  • Can communities such as this conference support efforts to change?

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1 pasquale March 27, 2006 at 01:32

I do believe that there is asymmetric information nowdays between students and teachers…A lot of teachers simply do not realize that the traditional way of publishing is going tho change and the same goes for legal education…


2 Paul Maharg March 27, 2006 at 08:53

Entirely agree Pasquale. Most technology-change makes a difference somewhere if it’s widely adopted. The use of photocopiers by students for study purposes is an example of that. But the technology of the internet is a step-change that brings about the ‘asymmetry’ you describe. The word is a neat one to tag the process. The way it’s going with MySpace and social software, I’d thought of it almost as a kind of looking glass world.


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