In their spare time

by Paul Maharg on 02/12/2016

Saw this recently on Legal Futures, one of my favourite online sources of professional legal news in E+W:

Law students build app aimed at helping crime victims

My eye was caught by this sentence:

Mr Bull, LawBot’s founder and managing director, who is German and speaks six languages, wrote the software.

So just to slow up for a moment there, we’ve got:
1.   A law student
2.  who’s MD of a company
3.  called LawBot
4.  is German (could be tough, with Brexit…)
5.  writes code (as well as essays, one presumes)
6.  speaks six languages (only six – what’s he doing in his spare time)

Actually the article goes on to tell us what he did in his spare time.  He wrote the app, along with his colleagues.  All of which raises serious issues for those of us designing legal curricula…

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Simulation – emerging from the shadows

by Paul Maharg on 02/11/2016

Roger Smith, who blogs at Law Technology and Access to Justice, invited me to contribute a post on use of digital legal education & sims – so I sketched out some context to Gina Alexandris’ earlier description a week or so ago on his blog of the use of sims in Ontario’s experimental Legal Practice Program (LPP), and which might be useful for anyone thinking about using sims in legal education.  The detail of it sent me back to what we did at Strathclyde a decade and more ago, which doesn’t seem all that bad in retrospect.  There’s still some great work going on, both in practice and in research literature — at Strathclyde, where SIMPLE is still in use in the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, Karen Counsell‘s Torts and Masters programmes at U of South Wales, Wilson Chow & Michael Ing in professional legal education on the PCLL at Hong Kong U, and of course the extensive use of sims in the GDLP at ANU’s Legal Workshop.  Detail and references in my post, if you’re interested.


Learning & teaching seminars, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law

October 6, 2016

I’m a Visiting Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law, and I spent last week giving seminars and discussing projects with staff — seminars given to first year LLB students, doctoral students, and JD/LLM students; and to staff, on webcasts, podcasts, multimedia and other digital resources. On the last subject, see […]

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SLS Conference, Legal Education, session 4 & final thoughts

September 23, 2016

Final legal education session.We had a call-off at the last minute, so only two speakers.  First up, Melissa Hardy on her research into the third year of a three-year cohort study into the career intentions of law degree students in the context of current and proposed legal education and training reforms She started by describing her […]

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SLS Conference, Legal Education, Law Teacher Special Issue session

September 23, 2016

This was the first session on Day 2 of the SLS Conference Legal Education section, a session devoted to the Special Issue on Learning/Technology, The Law Teacher, vol 50 issue 1 [paywall], that was published earlier this year, edited by me.  That issue, comprising six papers and discussed on this blog post, was entitled Learning/Technology because I wanted […]

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SLS Conference, session 2

September 9, 2016

The second session started with Amanda Zacharopoulou, describing the experience of pre-arrival activities at the University of Ulster Law School She described the process of developing induction activities for students, and particularly pre-arrival activities.  Through evaluation they found: the majority of students felt confident to study law; students felt studies advisers were encouraging and supportive; […]

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SLS conference 2016, Legal Education section, plenary

September 9, 2016

I was asked to give a plenary talk to the SLS Legal Education section.  I invited Dirk Rodenburg, Director of Undergraduate and Professional Programs from Queen’s University Law School, Ontario, to join me to talk about his new simulation platform as part of the presentation, and to talk about his unique blending of medical and […]

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Indyref 2

June 25, 2016

Well, I’ve spent the nine hours or so of this day’s morning here in Glasgow watching Europe beginning to unravel.  Desperately sad. Huge implications for Scotland.  I voted remain, along with the rest of Scotland, and in 2014 voted yes in indyref but was in the minority then.  See this blog post and this article.  […]

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Legal Education Research Network workshop

June 16, 2016

I was asked by Pat Leighton to contribute to the LERN workshop today at IALS, ‘Effective dissemination of research findings’, so am focusing on ‘New media and digital research literacies for legal educators’, a session I gave last year and which I’ve updated.  Slides as usual at the tab above and at Slideshare.  One very […]

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